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On a rare occasion Latuya will assume the role of a traditional builder and design and build a home from bare dirt to the furniture, of course the pool, the landscape steel, fireplaces, custom steel doors and more are all designed, fabricated and installed by Latuya.  We even frame, trim, and build the custom reclaimed wood features that go into our homes.  True design + build in this manner is not for every client so it is a limited piece of our business, we do build and market these homes and remodeled homes from year to year that are available for purchase.  Inquire as to our current projects if you are looking for a Latuya art project that you can live in.  We also partner with a local custom home builder that can offer turnkey builder services through the traditional channels and we pick up the design and custom features in the home, this provides the required speed and efficiency of a modern home building experience with the artisanal design + build features of Latuya.  

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